Vector Logistics, Going Beyond for the Personal Growth of Employees

Blog,Our Stories - August 18, 2020

At Vector Logistics, we believe that our people are our biggest asset-which is why investing in their personal development is one of our main priorities. By encouraging our employees to be MORE themselves, they are inspired to constantly go BEYOND and create a winning future for the company and our customers.

Ibrahim Baig, Routing and Scheduling Controller within the Vector Logistics Control Tower has experienced first-hand, the company’s commitment to growing its people as he  was recently allocated a licence for access to LinkedIn Learning, an online platform offering a plethora of courses across both hard and soft skills.

Together with his Transport Expeditor, Ibrahim is responsible for optimising primary transport routing whilst ensuring continuous systems calibration and constant cost reduction and improvement in transport execution for the KZN Region. One month into the Linkedin Learning course, Ibrahim was already applying his newly acquired skills and knowledge in Leadership and Project Management to his role.

“The learning modules that I have completed this month have empowered me with the tools to lead productively, especially when engaging with the Vector Executive Team and other Senior Leaders in the business”, says Ibrahim.

Although he admits that it has been challenging to balance the demands of work and project deliverables with completing the learning modules, the discipline and commitment that he has dedicated to his personal growth has made this possible.

Ibrahim expressed his gratitude to RCL FOODS for providing him with the opportunity to expand his skills and knowledge using the LinkedIn Learning platform.

At Vector Logistics, we constantly go BEYOND for our employees by providing them with the tools that they need to co-create what’s next and build a winning future for the company.