Our Stakeholders

Going beyond isn’t just a payoff line for us. It’s who we are and what we do every day, both now and into the future. To be relevant in tomorrow’s world, we make sure we stay a step ahead in today’s. That means constantly finding innovative ways to sustainably meet the needs of our stakeholders and protect our environment. It’s why, as part of RCL FOODS, we’re committed to a future where people are nourished, communities are enriched and resources are sustained.




By partnering with the DO MORE FOUNDATION, we help to create a positive future for communities – by doing more to ease hunger, doing more for young children and doing more for the care of animals. The success of the Foundation lies in attracting the support of like-minded companies, NGOs, NPOs and government departments, all working together to create sustainable solutions. As a proud partner of the DO MORE FOUNDATION, Vector has covered many kilometres delivering food and other goods to communities in need, as well as rolling up our sleeves and doing hands-on community work of our own. To find out more about the projects driven through the DO MORE FOUNDATION, please follow the link below:


We actively see and do things differently to find creative solutions to environmental challenges such as climate change and diminishing natural resources. These include consuming less energy and water, minimising our waste-to-landfill, and creating value from the waste we generate. For more information on the RCL FOODS SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS DRIVE please click the button below:


As a division of RCL FOODS, we are committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and ethical business behaviour. These principles are entrenched in our company culture and safeguarded by both the Vector Executive & RCL FOODS Board. To view our policies, click the link below.

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