Our Stakeholders

Going beyond isn’t just a payoff line for us. It’s who we are and what we do every day, both now and into the future. To be relevant in tomorrow’s world, we make sure we stay a step ahead in today’s. That means constantly finding innovative ways to sustainably meet the needs of our stakeholders and protect our environment. As a subsidiary of A.P. Moller Capital, Vector is committed to actively implementing high environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) standards.



Vector strives to be responsive to the needs of the communities in which we do business and to contribute to their social and economic development. This commitment is underpinned by our value-based management approach which ensures that we search for solutions which add sustainable value for its key stakeholders over time.
Vector’s corporate social investment (CSI) program is aligned with Vector’s and A.P. Moller Capital’s values, policies and codes and demonstrates our corporate social responsibility.


  • To make a positive, sustainable impact on the communities in which Vector operates through investing in improving the quality of life of disadvantaged communities.
  • To develop and empower disadvantaged communities through skills transfer and training for the sustainability and long-term growth of the company.
  • To build and improve relationships with the company’s existing and potential stakeholders through forming mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • To create and enhance the company’s reputation as a caring corporate citizen.
  • To attract quality socially responsible staff to the company as well as retain and enhance the loyalty and pride in the company of existing staff.
  • To increase customer goodwill and loyalty.


Vector is actively working on implementing creative solutions to environment challenges such as climate change and minimising natural resources. These include consuming less energy and water, minimizing our waste-to-landfill, and creating value from the waste we generate.


Vector is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and ethical business behaviour. These principles are entrenched in our company culture and safeguarded by both the Vector Executive and A.P. Moller Capital Board.