We believe in doing things inspirationally and consistently.

Are you ready to Go Beyond in your career? You’re at the right place.

Vector is a division of RCL FOODS, a progressive and constantly growing company and we welcome passionate and ambitious individuals that are constantly looking beyond what’s now to co-create what’s next. We celebrate diversity and individualism while actively encouraging personal and career growth through a broad range of training and reward incentives.

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Top Employer: We have been certified as a Top Employer by the Top Employer Institute for 2020.


RCL FOODS is one of the first companies to receive recognition for participating in the Youth Employment Service (Y.E.S.) Programme


Criminal syndicates claiming to be RCL FOODS are fraudulently attempting to apply for credit, invite tender applications and ‘recruit’ on our behalf (for a fee). Please be aware that we will never contact a supplier or prospective supplier via SMS or social media to invite them to tender, nor would RCL FOODS- or organisations acting on our behalf –ask for payment at any stage in the recruitment process.

Please report any suspicious activity to the SAPS and call our Tip-offs Anonymous hotline on 0800 00 1987.

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