Vector Logistics extends its leading supply chain with Imperial Cold Logistics acquisition

Blog,Our Stories - September 28, 2020

At Vector Logistics, GOING BEYOND is in our DNA. It’s what makes us see opportunities where others see challenges. Testament to this was the recent acquisition and integration of the Imperial Cold Logistics operations in South Africa into the Vector Logistics distribution network.

After finalizing the acquisition around mid-October 2019, we effectively had six weeks to take-on the full ICL principal basket and customer base for go-live by 1st December. With our passionate and highly skilled cross functional teams, and our world-class network infrastructure, we were able to deliver on this mammoth task and ensured an uninterrupted supply chain service to our customers.

The take-on project was named PROJECT ICE (Imperial Cold (logistics) Enablement). Some key project highlights included the take-on of 18 new principals such as Astral, Lancewood, McCain and Goosebumps. We commissioned four new Distribution Depots into the Vector Logistics network being Linbro Park, Bloemfontein and Polokwane (ex-ICL facilities) and Cornubia, a dedicated chilled facility in KZN. A total of 522 ICL employees also joined the Vector Logistics family. From an operations perspective, we executed an additional 9000 deliveries and delivered approximately 1 million additional cases over the December peak period.

The focus of PROJECT ICE has since moved to consolidating and optimizing the previous ICL and Vector Logistics networks into one cost effective and sustainable frozen and chilled network. We have made good progress over the past six months in this regard but still have some way to go to achieve our desired end state across the full Vector Logistics network.

PROJECT ICE has not only ably demonstrated how Vector Logistics has GONE BEYOND but also provided the ideal opportunity to align with our major retail customers through the consolidation of the frozen supply chain in South Africa.

We are excited that this move to extend our leading value chain will continue to take us and our customers on a journey of innovation, collaboration and GOING BEYOND.