Vector Logistics brings MORE innovation

Blog,Our Stories - August 14, 2020

At Vector Logistics, we are constantly GOING BEYOND to spearhead new innovations that bring greater quality and efficiency to our customers’ business. We are never satisfied with the status quo and are constantly asking ourselves, ‘how can we improve on this?’ It is this quest that has resulted in us embarking on our latest innovation: the development of a full Customer Ordering Portal Solution.

This exciting application has been created to streamline order placement and self-service requirements. The Ordering Portal is not only intuitive and well-designed, but it also has many easy-to-use features.

Placing an order and receiving order confirmation is now completed in a few simple steps and filters simplify selection of products enabling the user to quickly drill down using product categories. The ability to create order templates saves time and energy as it negates the need to recapture products when placing the next order.  Another helpful feature is the ability to upload an excel template that immediately populates the products and quantities on the ordering page.

The Ordering Portal can be accessed via multiple devices such as your Laptop, Smart Phone, iPad or Tablet. This means that whether you’re at your desk or on-the-go, everything you need is easily accessible. We have ensured that robust security features have been included for peace of mind. These include two-step authentication, a password strength indicator, and an automated Turing test to tell humans and computers apart.

Since embarking on this journey in October 2019, we have seen the completion of the Customer Ordering Portal which has improved user-experience and enabled the user to track the status of the order and view order history when necessary.

We have no doubt that this top-quality technology will positively impact our customers’ business going forward.

In line with our mission, Vector Logistics is constantly Going BEYOND to drive sustainable business and have greater impact on the ever-changing logistics industry. By seeing and doing things differently, we draw inspiration from the impossible, to challenge the status quo and constantly do MORE to serve our customers.