Vector-GOING BEYOND to Help Those in Need

Blog,Our Stories - June 3, 2020

As the country works to contain the spread of Covid19, Vector Logistics is leveraging the power of its strategic partnerships to deliver essentials to disadvantaged rural communities across KZN.

In a crisis like this, it is important that essential items like food, clean water and energy is distributed quickly on a mass scale, which is why South Africa’s much-loved organisation, Santa Shoebox called on Vector Logistics to assist with this delivery.

“In the true spirit of Ubuntu, we all came together to do that little MORE for our communities” says Paula Dovey – Vector Logistics, ICSE Executive. Over 32 000 meals were delivered to Winterton and a collection point was set up at the Thekwini depot for the hardest-hit areas in Sodwana. These meals were distributed among 600 children from across four creches and over 6 500 people in Sodwana received food packages.

As part of Santa Shoebox’s mission to alleviate suffering and uplift lives in the hardest-hit areas of South Africa, the Project has extended its funding to organisations doing meaningful work in line with UN Sustainability Development Goals. Vector assisted in delivering essentials on behalf of two of these organisations: Hippo Roller and Little Sun.

Children as young as pre-schoolers walk up to 25 km daily to fetch water so
Hippo Roller provides clean water and sanitation to alleviate the suffering incurred and time consumed collecting water in tough rural conditions. Little Sun provides solar lamps with up to 50 hours of light after a 5-hour charge, saving people money on purchasing electricity, gas, candles or paraffin.

Vector is proud to part of a group of people who are doing what they can to alleviate suffering and uplifting the lives of people in the hardest-hit areas of South Africa.

Well done to our incredible Vector Logistics team for stepping up to the plate and going beyond. YOU are our heroes and we salute you for helping our South African community and showing us that we are all in this together.