Life Under Lockdown – a Truck Driver’s Story Kenneth Setati

Blog,Our Stories - May 26, 2020

We are well into the lockdown and it is now taking a toll on all South Africans mentally, physically and emotionally. At Vector Logistics our drivers travel all around the country delivering essential goods. Some of their trips require them to be on the road five days a week.

Truck driver Kenneth Setati shares his experience of life on the road under lockdown.

According to Kenneth life on the road is very different there is more police presence as well as a lot more roadblocks. He also mentioned that it is much easier for him to drive and make deliveries quicker since there is less traffic on the road.

Since the lockdown, majority of businesses have stopped trading. A major challenge Kenneth is facing on the road is availability of food. Kenneth says “There are no prepared foods in the stores, so often we have to go without eating, or we just eat dry bread. When your stomach is empty, it is difficult for your mind to function. Many public toilets, which were previously open, are also now closed”.

Kenneth makes sure that his family is protected by adhering to the best practice guidelines that have been highlighted by the government. He is highly appreciative of the support he has received from Vector Logistics management during this time. He says, “Our manager meets with us every morning before we go out on the road,” he talks to us about safety. He shares with us tips and facts on distancing, sanitizing and washing our hands. We listen and we do this.”

Kenneth’s parting words: “Please comply with what President Cyril Ramaphosa requests and stay home and sanitize” he urges.

It’s during times like these where we identify true heroes. True heroes wear masks below their eyes and risk their health to care for their communities.

A big thank you to Kenneth for being MORE BRAVE during these challenging times we salute you and your resilience!