Covid-19 Customer Communication

Blog,Our Stories - March 22, 2020

Rather than being providers we choose to work as partners. As the coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak continues to evolve, Vector is taking the following steps to keep our people safe and healthy and to protect the integrity of our customer’s supply chains. We continue to monitor the developing situation closely and will take guidance from the necessary authorities as advised. We appreciate our essential role in the South African food supply chain and value our partnerships with our Customers and Principals alike.

By looking forward, we envision what’s to come. Vector has established a COVID-19 Management Response Team tasked with the development and management of a Business Continuity Plan for the prevention and control of the virus within our operations. The task team will meet daily to assess current controls on the ground, process any new information as it becomes available and respond to queries as they may arise.

To minimize the spread of the virus, the following controls have been put in place as part of our prevention, containment and mitigation protocols:

Business Continuity

Our customer’s business is our business, in order to ensure minimal delays, we are in the process of reinforcing our existing business continuity plans across all functions of our business and will share this with you as the COVID-19 situation unfolds.

Our commitment as your supply chain partner is to continue to remain as flexible and responsive to your requirements as we jointly navigate these disruptive times in the global environment and specifically in South Africa.

Our Sites

At Vector Logistics we believe people are our greatest resource, therefore we have increased communication at our sites to emphasize our standard health and safety protocols. Additional preventative measures will be implemented where required. To mitigate a possible outbreak on our site, we have implemented ongoing communication and health screening of all our staff to identify any changes in health status. Increased cleaning schedules of shared spaces and high traffic areas is in place and access to additional hand sanitation stations have been implemented. We are also leveraging our standard food safety processes to ensure the integrity of products in our supply chain is always maintained.

Business Meetings

It has been recommended that all business meetings be conducted via voice or video conferencing. Vector logistics is more than just a logistics company, we always try go the extra mile to protect our employees. We have implemented a COVID-19 Site Entry Protocol to ensure the safety of our visitors and employees. Prior to being allowed onto site, all visitors to Vector sites will be required to complete a health declaration form to identify recent illnesses and travel that may affect our business.


At Vector logistics our true value lies in delivering solutions. Unfortunately, during this time there might be a delay in the processing of orders due to the travel bans that have been implemented. All international business-related travel has been suspended indefinitely. Local travel has been put on hold and limited to essential trips only, with prior approval from management along with confirmation from the host that they are happy to meet in person.

We are taking the coronavirus outbreak extremely seriously and will continue to treat this with the “urgency” the president requested.

In the words of the president “This too shall pass. We shall overcome. We are South Africans”.

Our thoughts go out to those across the globe who have been be affected by this outbreak.

Together we can co-create what’s next.