Vector Trade Marketing & Lesson Desk Collaborate to GO BEYOND!

Blog,Our Stories - December 18, 2020

At Vector Logistics, we are constantly GOING BEYOND to drive new innovations that bring greater quality and efficiency to our customers. We are never satisfied with the status quo and are constantly asking ourselves, ‘how can we improve on this?’ It is this quest that has resulted in Vector Trade Marketing collaborating with Lesson Desk, an end-to-end learning partner with solutions that will empower our employees through training on the products and services we offer our customers.

This strategic partnership, given the name, Project Growth Centre, focuses on both people and processes. Lesson Desk takes the form of a user-friendly learning app that supports on-the-go learning. It allows employees to access customised content at the click of a button.The learning app allows for performance results that are instant and shareable, and employees have the option to retest their understanding as well as access an online document library for further learning.

The platform also gives access to best practice information, and it allows for the seamless sharing of information about new products or innovations to the relevant people – at the right time.

The Vector Trade Marketing (VTM) team will be leading the change and implementing a Learning Management System to support this project. With employees spread across South Africa, the introduction of Lesson Desk will revolutionise our processes and expand the knowledge and skill base of our people. This will bring even greater value to every customer that we work with.

While we are thrilled at the way our services will evolve from this forward-thinking partnership, we are even more excited by how each one of our Vector Trade Marketing employees will, over time, benefit from this additional layer of support.

By making both our people and our processes a priority, we are able to co-create a winning future.