Vector Logistics Peninsula Leading the Game with Latest Solar Power Plant Project

Blog,Our Stories - August 19, 2020

Vector Logistics is more than just a logistics company. By planning for tomorrow and through focusing on innovation, we strive to provide sustainable solutions for business.

In line with our vision to constantly look beyond what’s now to co-create what’s next, we are proud to announce that we have started the installation of a solar panel system. The 511kW sized solar panel system is expected to reduce Vector Peninsula’s electricity consumption by 11%. These solar panels will save 742 217 kWh of electricity per annum – 11% of site’s total power. Through our conscious effort to decrease carbon emissions, we are committed to creating a better, greener future for all South Africans.

With our passionate and skilled people who help us do MORE, our industry-leading systems and our world-class infrastructure, we are committed to driving sustainable business that protects the environment in which we operate in. With this project we will be able to be MORE self-sufficient and be ready for the future.

Here’s to even more energy production and environmental conservation in the months and years to come!