Vector Logistics GOING BEYOND with their data automation

Our Stories - May 14, 2021

At Vector Logistics, we are constantly GOING BEYOND to spearhead new innovations and implement solutions that bring greater quality and efficiency to our customers. We are never satisfied with the status quo and are constantly asking ourselves, “how can we GO BEYOND?” It was with this in mind that we decided to partner with Keyrus, a recognised expert and trusted data and digital partner to implement an automated data analytics solution.


Being a major role player across multiple customer’s and principal’s temperature-controlled supply chains, we knew that we needed to provide more insights, to more people, to drive more action. This relies on the consolidation and integration of information across various platforms and data sources to generate analytical models – often requiring extensive data extraction, mapping, cleansing and re-engineering – all reducing our ability to respond quickly with agility.


That’s why Keyrus, introduced our teams to Alteryx, a Gartner Quadrant Leader, which provides end-to-end analytics, data science and process automation. The solution is centered around providing analysts with a platform that is quick to learn and pride themselves in enabling self-service analytics, reducing the dependency on IT resources. Alteryx is a non-invasive tool, minimising any disruption to our existing IT architecture.


The benefit? Together Keyrus, Alteryx and Vector Analytics teams have been able to dramatically reduce response times in updating merchandising call cycles, providing more accurate and granular visibility of store detail from disparate systems. Our focus now is to keep transforming our processes to provide actionable insights and accelerate our data science journey aligned to our digital transformation roadmap.


Thank you to Keyrus and the Vector Logistics team. It is evident that by making both our people and our processes a priority, we are able to co-create a winning future.