Vector Logistics brings MORE innovation to the industry

Blog,Our Stories - July 21, 2020

As industry leaders, Vector Logistics is constantly GOING BEYOND to spearhead new innovations and stay ahead of industry-related changes to meet the needs of its customers.

Our newest innovation, ePod, comes at the time of social distancing where even more importance is being placed on increasing customer care in a way that provides a safe and efficient service for both customers and employees.

With the launch of ePOD, a new software application, managers and drivers are empowered with the tools to keep track of and report on deliveries throughout their day.

Simply accessed via handheld smartphones, ePod has made it convenient for drivers to view and adjust customers’ orders immediately as well as provide them with an updated invoice. They can receive real-time feedback on their service and post-trip inspections can be done based on the information logged into the application. While this is all happening, the Distribution and Operations Manager is able to track drivers in real-time and access accurate data of the deliveries, to identify any pain points in the journey for future improvement ultimately providing greater customer satisfaction.

Not only does the ePOD solution make the delivery process more convenient and improve customer care, but it also enables drivers and managers to account for inventory, identify returns and complete settlements with ease.

The ePOD solution ensures:

  1. Faster turnaround time at customer back doors
  2. Reduction of carbon footprint
  3. Immediate electronic proof of delivery
  4. Real time visibility of customer service
  5. Improved customer satisfaction

In the spirit of constantly looking beyond what is now and co-creating what’s next, this new innovation enables us to deliver to our customers in a timely and cost effective manner so that we can continue to live up to our motto of GOING BEYOND for them.