Network Optimisation Manager, Luc Kanda goes the extra mile so that we can GO BEYOND

Blog,Our Stories - October 25, 2021

Luc Kanda joined Vector Logistics in July 2018. Since then, he has gone the extra mile through growing and developing his skills to finally assume the role of Network Optimisation Manager in 2019. Luc’s story is one of constant growth as a result of self-improvement and hard work.

He went from National Planning and Execution Manager to Network Optimisation Manager. In each role at Vector Logistics, innovation and teamwork is at the forefront of Luc’s approach. “Learn as much as you can from every single person,” said Luc in a recent interview we did with him. “The key is to learn from each failure,” he added.

As Network Optimisation Manager, Luc analyses Vector Logistics’ network with a view to reducing transportation costs and improve efficiencies. He works closely with the supply chain solutions team and the operations team to implement long-term solutions.

Luc attributes his success at Vector Logistics to his people-orientated outlook. “I do love that the company is people orientated, I see this through my leadership group on a daily basis,” adding that the same attitude helps him in his role. ‘I’m very people orientated as well. I take time to know the people in my team.  People will become more productive if they feel valued and appreciated. Appreciation is different for each individual and the key is to identify each individual’s measurement of value,’ he says.

Luc’s role requires the co-operation and the collaboration of many people in different teams to successfully complete any task or project. “When people come together with the same goal, we can achieve anything.” Two major examples include the CPG take on, and the COVID-19 Pandemic. “The teamwork involved in taking on the CPG business was a case in point, with admirable collaboration through the busiest period of the year”. Further to that, the teamwork and communication system implemented during the COVID-19 Pandemic has been another affirming experience for Luc.

In addition to his person-centric approach, Luc constantly focuses on self-improvement. “In order to remain relevant in any role or company you need to be able to adapt and grow, by improving yourself as an individual you will be in a position to help develop the company.” He ensures he is always learning by connecting with like-minded individuals and learning about the latest innovations and how they could be applicable in his role. His fervent ambition to improve was shaped by his manager early on in his career in 2008. “I was constantly challenged by my Manager to always want to continuously improve, which ignited my views on any work that I do,” he explains. Those habits he learned early on have made Luc the curious person he is, constantly searching for synergies in today’s world to co-create a path for tomorrow.

Growth, innovation and teamwork summarise Luc’s career and it is through these qualities that he enables Vector Logistics to GO BEYOND by optimising our network.