Life under Lockdown: Vector Customer Service Agent, Nhlanhla Dlamini Shares a Message of Hope

Blog,Our Stories - April 29, 2020

As a leading food manufacturer with deep South African roots, RCL FOODS has seen recessions, economic downfalls and bouts of political instability. During these uncertain times our people, with quite extraordinary resiliency have bounced back and absorbed these crises.

The coronavirus is quite different. Bringing the world to a halt, the roads are quiet, businesses and schools are closed and the very people, who in other times of stress are there to help us through, we have had to physically distance ourselves from.

In light of this, Vector Logistics constantly checks in with its teams who are part of the group of essential workers, who despite these unusual challenges, come into work every day and constantly go BEYOND.

Amidst the negativity and constant feed of frightening news, there are always messages of hope. Stories of compassion, of people helping each other against the odds and everyday people going out of their way to save lives.

In response to a poll that we recently ran asking our Customer Services Agents what it is that is making them come into work every day, despite the challenges that they are no doubt facing, Thekweni Vector Customer Service Agent, Nhlanhla Dlamini responded that he is proud to be an essential worker, able to continue serving customers during this time and shared his message of hope.

“With all this mess, I still see an opportunity for growth. During my studies, I discovered that it is during difficult times, where people and companies are able to show who they really are and what they stand for”, he said.

For three years before starting his job at Vector Logistics, Nhlanhla dreamed to live in a home of his own, having grown up with his mom and having to live with other people. Since starting his job he has been able to fulfil this dream.

With his positive perspective on life, he says “the recession has been caused by many factors but most significantly by Covid-19 which has accelerated the sharp drop. This virus may be the stimulus, but we are going to be defined by the response we choose. Either we find innovative ways to fight this or we curl with fear and choose to let the situation control us”.

In closing, Nhlanhla explains that he chooses to wake up every day to follow his dreams, armed with the passion to carry out Vector Logistics’ commitment to constantly go BEYOND.

It’s during challenging times like these where a company’s true culture is revealed and where real heroes emerge. At Vector Logistics, while we boast the best in tech, it is evident from stories like these, that our people are our greatest resource, committed to living out our culture of Going Beyond.