Life Under Lockdown- A Truck Driver’s Story, Macfarlane Sedibe and Hector Radebe

Blog,Our Stories - June 9, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the world to a standstill. Our roads are quiet, businesses and schools are closed, as we physically distance ourselves to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

As we isolate ourselves at home, truck drivers who are part of the group of essential workers keep our products moving, and leave their homes every day, to keep us fed and to keep us safe.

At RCL FOODS, our truck drivers travel around the country, spending many hours a week in their trucks, sometimes up to as many as 6 days.

We hear from two of our incredible Vector Logistics’ truck drivers, Macfarlane Sedibe and Hector Radebe, who share what life is like for them on South African roads under lockdown.

According to the two, the roads are extremely quiet. Other than the rare sighting of a car or another truck, they are often totally alone. The quietness makes both of them nervous to stop during their daily travels. “It is eerie, this extreme calmness. It’s like we are waiting for something to happen, but nothing ever does”, says Hector.

Macfarlane, who lives with his wife and three children says “my children know a lot about the virus. We watch the news all the time – we don’t even watch soapies anymore! The news is on constantly”.

Hector, who also has three children, adds: “every time I leave for work, my children say to me: daddy, please be careful, please wear your protective clothing – your gloves and masks – and remember to sanitize!”

Despite their concerns, both truck drivers share that they are appreciative of the measures that Vector Logistics have put in place to prioritise their safety. “Vector Logistics is doing the best they can to assist us,” adds Macfarlane. “They give us Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – they make sure we have what we need to travel safely”.

Despite the chaos that Covid19 has created, Macfarlane and Hector continue to love their jobs as truck drivers. “We are part of Essential Services and are proud to be able to deliver food to our principals and customers,” they say.
Their parting words: “Take the Coronavirus seriously. To our fellow truck drivers, we say: on the days you are not working, please stay at home. Sanitise and be safe!!”

It’s during challenging times like these where a company’s true culture is revealed and where real heroes emerge. At Vector Logistics, while we boast the best in tech, it is evident from situations like these, that our people are our greatest resource, committed to living out our culture of Going Beyond.

Well done to our incredible Vector Logistics truck drivers for taking the challenge head-on; for stepping up to the plate and going beyond. YOU are our heroes and we salute you for helping our South African community.