Life Under Lockdown: a Truck Driver’s Story – Condris Mahlake

Blog,Our Stories - April 24, 2020

Our world continues to be at a standstill as COVID-19 cases rise.

Most of us are under quarantine and continue to work from home while essential workers make their way to work each day. Vector logistics truck drivers are amongst the essential workers doing that little MORE each day to make sure that we have food on our table.

We hear from dedicated Vector Logistics truck driver, Condris Mahlake who shares a day in his life on the road during lockdown.

Condris’s work of delivering frozen and chilled food products takes him around the province of Mpumalanga. According to him life on the road for truck drivers since the onset of coronavirus is different and challenging.

The most challenging thing for Condris and his fellow truck drivers is that they now have to adjust their usual way of integrating with each other and how they would usually go about their day.

Condris explains that him and his fellow truck drivers adhere to the best practice guidelines and act responsibly by keeping a 1.5m distance when they offload goods, wearing gloves and masks. Condris is thankful for the safety precautions Vector Logistics has put in place for their protection.

He also shares how family life has changed as a result of the virus. He explains that every time he leaves for work his family is very worried and he has to remind them that ‘we all have to eat and that someone needs to make sacrifices to make this happen’.

Condris lives with his partner and their nine-year-old son and says “my son loves to hug me and play around. I have had to teach him all about social distancing. It is heart-breaking.’

Despite the challenges that Condris and his team have encountered as a result of the virus he emphasizes that he is proud to be a truck driver and he is excited to see how people are coming together and supporting each other in the fight against the virus. His parting words: “Stay at home and stay safe. We truck drivers are out there on the roads for you!”

It’s during challenging times like these where a company’s true culture is revealed and where real heroes emerge. Well done to our incredible Vector Logistics truck drivers for constantly going beyond for our South African community.