Going Beyond by Delivering Tins for Tjips with Nando’s

Blog,Our Stories - June 28, 2021

Vector Logistics is proud to have been part of another initiative in helping ease hunger in South Africa through our integral role in the Nando’s ‘Tins for Tjips’ campaign. Over the course of the campaign, Vector Logistics was able to GO BEYOND as Nando’s logistics partner and assisted in the collection and delivery of cans of food to those who needed them most.

In a  remarkable display of compassion, South Africans rallied together in support of Nando’s ‘Tins for Tjips’ campaign and have collected over 20 000 tins of food since March 2021 . The campaign incentivised citizens to donate the cans of food gathering dust in their pantries and redirect them to their closest Nando’s store by offering a serving of Nando’s chips in exchange for a can.

The COVID-19 pandemic has deeply affected South Africans, impacting schools and the disadvantaged youth of our country. “Pre-schools and children under the age of six have been particularly hard hit by COVID due to a decline in funding and schools being closed,” says David Brown, Country Director of Joint Aid Management (JAM) South Africa, a leading NGO in the feeding scheme space. “We have been faced with a contrast of issues in that there is a surge in demand for food yet on the other side there’s an oversupply, as people stocked up ahead of lockdown,” said Brown. ‘Tins for Tjips’ aimed to bring these two problems together to deliver, literally, a solution to Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centres.

As a company committed to GOING BEYOND and helping our communities, Vector Logistics rose  to the occasion and offered to assist in the logistics of the project by collecting over 20 000 tins of food from Nando’s stores across South Africa  and delivering them to our Vector Distribution Centres, which facilitated an easy and convenient point for JAM to further distribute the tins to the Early Childhood Development Centres across the country.  Distribution of the tins began in April and will continue through June.