Celebrating 30 Years of Commitment – Sandy Naidoo

Blog,Our Stories - July 1, 2020

At Vector Logistics, we believe our people are our biggest asset – which is why inspiring great people is one of our key strategic thrusts. But how do we inspire greatness in people? By encouraging them to be MORE themselves and fostering their personal growth with the growth of the company. Sandy Naidoo is an example of a dedicated RCL FOODS employee who has truly thrived working for Vector Logistics for the past 30 years.

We sat down with Sandy to get to know her MORE…

Born and raised in the suburb of Merebank, Sandy, known by her family as Sungeetha, comes from a musical family full of culture and tradition. In her teen years, she learnt the Bharata Natyam, which is a Classical Indian dance and also sang at weddings and cultural events.

Now married with two children, Sandy is proud of the opportunities that her career at RCL FOODS has afforded her; most importantly being able to send both her children to university.

Over the past 30 years, Sandy has grown with the Company. She joined as a teleseller in 1990, noting how everything was done manually during a time when there was no internet, cell phones and email. She is now a Customer Service Centre PSD Specialists, part of a multidisciplinary team that plans and tracks all inbound primary and outbound secondary transport from one location with technology that allows them to see (and control) exactly what’s going on in the network. She is proud to be part of an innovatively structured team where all it takes is one call for a customer to find out exactly what the status of their order is.

Dedicating most of your life to an organisation shows incredible commitment that can only be sustained through true passion. When asked what fuels her passion and keeps her at RCL FOODS, Sandy said: “I love that I can empower and help others to find their own passion, coupled with learning something new every day and the adventure of taking our team and organisation above and beyond. I do this by encouraging my team members to be true to themselves, speak up for themselves and to make constructive suggestions that will ultimately help us GO BEYOND”.

Sandy is proud to be part of Vector Logistics and the growth that she has witnessed the company generate seen over the years, sharing that her journey has been a marathon that she would run all over again and again.

We’re proud to have someone like Sandy part of our team helping us constantly GO BEYOND.

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