Vector partners with Pick ’n Pay to ‘GO BEYOND’ in frozen distribution

Blog,Our Stories - November 15, 2017

Our long-standing relationship with Pick ’n Pay reached a new level in 2017 when Vector was awarded the contract for distributing Pick ’n Pay’s entire basket of frozen products (including ice cream) across all its store formats nationwide.

Pick ’n Pay chose us to consolidate their frozen distribution based on our state-of-the-art national infrastructure, solid track record of delivering the highest service levels, and proven commitment to going beyond.

“It made sense for us to take on the extended role, having demonstrated our capability and already having managed most of Pick ’n Pay’s frozen consolidation. Being credited with the responsibility for a large and challenging new category like ice cream is an honour that we look forward to proving ourselves worthy of,” explains Chris Creed, MD of Vector.

“Part of the intellectual property we developed around ice cream distribution required us to rethink our warehouse flow to maintain a constant minus 25 degree temperature, backed by our truck design IP which prevents temperature deviations in transit. Our infrastructure proved itself more than capable to meet Pick ’n Pay’s requirements for both general frozen goods and the highly sensitive ice cream category,” says Chris.

He comments that the contract is a significant landmark in the general market’s move towards a more consolidated, customer-led model. This allows Vector to service Pick ‘n Pay stores in the most optimal way, leading to improved service levels at the front end – while providing a more cost-effective, world-class supply chain.