human resources philosophy

The primary objective of the Company is to build a profitable business enterprise that is a leader in its field, thereby ensuring a fair return to shareholders and secure employment for its employees.

Vector Logistics respects the principles of non-discrimination and consultation, and of maximising individual potential through sound management practices and effective communication.

1: Non-Discrimination
The Company respects the dignity of each individual and the need to promote and preserve the self-esteem of all employees. To this end, recruitment, selection, appointments and promotions are done on potential and merit. Furthermore, it recognises the need to redress educational and training disadvantages that may impede the progress of employees who have the potential to advance through educational initiatives and targeted development.

2: Freedom of Association
The Company is aware of and recognises the right of the workforce to belong to a union of its choice, in the understanding that such membership contributes to the positive resolution of any conflict or dispute that may arise in the course of its operation.

3: Staffing
The Company recognises the human resource as its greatest asset and, to that end, seeks to realise each individual’s potential, by providing ongoing training and development, as well as evaluation systems that provide employees with constructive feedback. It will also place the right quality people in the most effective positions.

4: Remuneration
In order to maintain its prime position in the marketplace, the Company will remunerate the employees equitably and competitively in terms of pay and employment benefits.

5: Participation in Decision-Making
The Company recognises the importance of consultation, and consults relevant Groups on decisions affecting their working lives. It further promotes participation in joint problem solving.

6: Safety
The Company recognises the essential nature of high workplace safety standards and its responsibility to maintain high environmental standards.

Vector Logistics will therefore pursue all reasonable means that contribute to these commitments. Where obstacles or barriers exist, they will be identified and, where possible, eliminated with the cooperation of all employees.