• Vector Logistics’ origins lie within I&J (an AVI Limited company) where it was positioned as an in-house distribution arm.
  • The growth of the distribution business was given significant impetus with the conclusion of a distribution arrangement with Rainbow in 1966, although at the time this was limited to the Natal (KZN) area.
  • Rainbow’s later expansion to sell and produce nationally had a direct and positive impact on the growth of the I&J distribution business.
  • In July 2001, AVI Limited re-launched its distribution business as a separate company and it was subsequently renamed Vector Logistics.
  • Rainbow acquired Vector in July 2004 with the strategic intent of controlling and optimizing its outbound supply chain.
  • Vector’s key focus between 2004 and 2010 was to optimize Rainbow’s outbound supply chain whilst simultaneously growing and diversifying its menu of services with its existing customer base.